My Plans which will take place within 2 years

I will setup my R & D lab in China with one of my partners which will be a public listed company and take shares in the company. Starting I  will create PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles with my own branding which I will concentrate on customising everything about security. The market I am interested in is the low and mid range following the direction of what Blackberry has done. Nokia can also do likewise as now the smartphone market is too competitive and customers cannot differentiate your products in different markets. I will setup this ecosystem but will diversify to produce neuromorphic computers when the time is right, and outsource the manufacturing to China to contain costs. My marketing plans is to first give away free to the poor in Singapore to built up my brand and get feedback, thereafter to launch to the global markets after 2 years. I am not afraid of competition as in 1 years time, I can easily move away from any features I want, but now VPN and Secure folder, and a new browser will be built into all my products. All this will happen after my book is launched. i do not believe in building everything myself unless I am forced to relying on partners is a better solution. I do not need to seek an IPO cause my capital requirement is only $100 million, which can be easily raised from private institutions. My prospectus and disclosure will be ready then.

Intelligent OS with 3D Search for Blockchain 3.0

My Indiegogo project


This is a US$600 trillion solution and the Global markets is many times more, there is a need to resolve this before everyone moves ahead. When there is a problem when the creator's copy bought by one person can be duplicated and pass on, there will be totally no incentive to create anything in the Old Internet, and Blockchain 3.0 will address all these issues for everyone. It is extremel fast, real time, a secured database and eveerything is encrypted, multi-chained which means it can talk to other Blockchain protocol and conduct operations like Atomic swaps, and it's control stack determines everything, it can function across both TCPIP and Blockchain and be backward compatible, ensuring many apps and algorithms can be functionable, creators has full control in distribution of their creations, and everything purchase is tracked and will not be accessible to others except the original purchaser. Everything is transparent and open source, even algorithms, and what you developed on Ethereum need not be ported over to Bitcoin, the control stack can communicate and ensure functionality. Blockchain 4.0 talks about intergrating the control stack with the software stack together with AI, ML and Algorithims on Neuromorphic computers, where compatibility issues between the old TCPIP and Blockchain 4.0 will be addressed, where the testings will be carried out on control stacks to sit on top of Cloud/Edge servers. I do not see the Cloud being  replaced very soon as it takes time for everything to materialised, maybe as long as ten years, which is sufficient for IP6v addresses to run out by then. I  have not determined yet if the old TCPIP networks would pose a security risk of a backdoor to Blockchain 4.0

My goals will be after creating the neuromorphic computer is to bring it alive in blockchain. Even if the entire world tries to stop me they can't because I hold the key to unlock every technology on earth and I am capable to create the Next Gen Internet if I have to, to setup a decentralised network to link the entire world exchanges together. You can take 100 years without my help, but I will only take 10 years even with limited resources. I do not need the participation of all any US technologies to do this, and if I am forced to, keep them out forever from my ecosystem. I call the shots, not President Trump, you will fail miserably. I can create extreme wealth with God as my provider, even writing off the entire trillions of US debt if it is according to God's will, creating trillions of digital currency to replace the US dollar, but nothing will happen if you do not agree to God's plan, and this entire generation will pass until the next generation who will listen. 10 years ago I start using newsfeed to automate my trading decisions and did research on all factors that affect the global economy and stock markets. Today I have perfected everything and will link everything together to create the most advanced system where you can make profits 99% of the time, bypassing the most experienced traders anywhere in the world.


I am the greatest wealth creator. After creating my neuromorphic system I will attempt to link the entire world exchanges together. By merging all my technologies I will create a system of intelligent HFT trading where you can get 99% accuracy of making money. I do not need to know how your algorithms work, just by observation I will already know your secret sauce, and using HFT, AI and machine learning I will create the most astonishing wealth creator of printing money, solving poverty for all times, as long as you are willing to work, there will not be any problems to resources, the Economy of Abundance.

I am not a speculator, and if I do invest I invest for the mid to long term to achieve my goals, and I only in invest on those I am familiar with, like Futures, CFDs, ETFs, Crypto etc and if I want I can make billions because I can see the future with hundreds of views and weigh every outcome to reduce my risks, but this is not what God has planned for me, I can help my investors make money but based on my rules, which I am so confident of achieving but not to get rich, I am willing to share the risks in everything I advised, 50/50 if you make money, eventually reduced it to 90/10, as my principles of investments follow Warren Buffet and Vanguard, keeping costs as low as possible for investors, and 50/50 if you lose money. No investment company in the world dare to take this risk. I do not believe in living a lavish lifestyle when I succeed and if I do, I would have already cash out on the crowns I am running for to save up treasures in heaven. This rule only applies for me and not for others depending on your goals. I am a team player, and will never do it alone, even if I setup all my businesses I will only keep a controlling stake and sit in the Board of Directors, my goal in life is to make money from my works and retire with at least S$1 million to travel the world at 65. Those who follow me I will protect your interests, and I will not short change your talents, because I am in business for the long term, and will never go for things that benefit for only the short term, cause I do not need to. So if your contributions are great I will even offer you share options.